When you have a serious desire for optimal health and fitness, or weight loss look no further than wellness products by Hudson Aquatic Systems. Hudson is the world-wide leader in underwater treadmills for dogs, horses & people, AquaPaws,   AquaPacer,  AquaFit,  AquaGaiter,  AquaCiser. 

Our hydrotherapy, water treadmills  represent therapeutic advances in human fitness and animal rehabilitation.

Our quality is trusted by top veterinarians, teaching hospitals, trainers, hospitals and clinics  internationally.   See latest customer testimonials  of Hudson Aquatic Systems LLC. 

Did you know?  Hudson  is approved as a Government Vendor.

We innovate. We manufacture. We care.




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Hudson Aquatic Systems manufactures  the original underwater treadmill for dogs, the  AquaPaws!

Hudson's name  is synonymous with the highest quality hydrotherapy systems for dogs and small animals.  AquaPaws is trusted by veterinarians world-wide.

ARTICLE: New Aquatic program speeds post-op recovery and is ideal for athletic injuries, arthritis and chronic pain:

CLICK TO SEE ARTICLE includes Hudson Aquatic Systems!!

AquaPacer at certain speeds and water depths can be equivalent to two days of intense fitness work.  

Best design of water treadmill

Top Design Team

Our design engineers will work with you to customize  your aquatic system layout in a blueprint-style that is easy for you and your contractors to use.

NEWS UPDATE:  University of Georgia's Veterinary College will have two of Hudson's "AquaDawgs" (AquaPaws) Underwater Treadmills installed to the college's new facility opening in 2015!

Kudos to Hudson's team and Jon Vadner!

Hudson Aquatic In The News

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For Horses

Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC is devoted to manufacturing, engineering, and designing the highest quality and performance of aquatic systems, therapy pools, swim spas, and hydrotherapy products. Our pursuit is to exceed our customers’ expectations before, during and after the sale.

"We have had our unit for about 5.5 years now and are still very happy with it’s performance, serviceability, and Hudson Aquatic’s tech support. The units are very simple to maintain as long as you keep up with recirculation service intervals and weekly/monthly cleaning chores.

When we do get our new facility built and we add another underwater treadmill, we will be getting the latest model from Hudson

and their good rep George Hunter."
--TheraVet Acres Rehabilitation and Fitness

See testimonials from customers.

New Product Brochures

For People

"For rehabilitation from injury, optimal fitness and wellness, and weight loss,

buy Hudson Aquatic Systems, underwater treadmills for dogs, horses and people."

When you're dealing with  human  solutions  for rehabilitation, wellness and conditioning , our aquatic systems can make the difference in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

We're continually designing  the best new underwater treadmills  like the    AquaFit.

water TreadmillS

for dogs, horses and people

For Dogs

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       Call or text 24 hours a day for service   260-316-3938


Of the TOP 26 Veterinary Universities recognized in the United States, Hudson Aquatic Systems are in 13 of them...!!! Decades of technology, a lifetime of caring.

Learn more about AquaPacer, AquaPaws, underwater treadmills for horses and dogs.

Top Vet Universities

At Hudson Aquatic Systems LLC, we take immense pride in driving the equine industry standards forward, focusing on design, installation and maintenance of equine aquatic systems for rehabilitation and conditioning, AquaPacer.

Your horse achieves top health in half the time.

FITNESS for equine,
Spectacular "AquaPacer" underwater treadmill photos from our Texas clients at Fossil Creek Equine Center, facebook page!!!!

NEWS UPDATE:  See view of  AquaPacer , equine Hot/Cold underwater treadmill system installed at Lechuza Caracas Polo  Club, Florida

Service of water treadmill

Hudson Product Maintenance  Service

Our dedicated service manager will work closely with you and our maintenance teams, strategically placed in the United States, Canada, around the world and UK to keep your aquatic system running at peak performance.  GO TO SERVICE PAGE.

INSTALLATION of water treadmill

Expert Installation

Hudson's  factory trained installation crews  will come to your facility and install your system to the exact specifications of your custom design.