There’s a reason we believe in the power of aquatics.

It works! And our staff has seen the proof of it – with people and animals alike – for more than 25 years. That’s how long we’ve been manufacturing, selling, installing, and servicing therapy pools and underwater treadmills for clients far and wide.

You say you haven’t heard of us? That’s because our name is new! We used to be known as the Ferno Ille division of Ferno-Washington, Inc. As such, we became a world leader in aquatic therapy, conditioning, and wellness systems.

Today, under the Hudson banner, we carry the tradition of excellence forward – with a difference. We've broadened the Ferno Ille philosophy of customer service and dedicated ourselves to making Hudson's the best in the industry.
Many of the same professionals who helped us build our reputation for quality are with us still. Their expertise and dedication have enabled us to produce the finest therapy pools and underwater treadmill systems for longer than any other hydrotherapy equipment manufacturer. No other such products on the market are as time-tested as ours. Consider this: products we made 25 years ago, right here in our Angola, Indiana, plant, are still in service!

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Aquatic Systems for People

Aquatic Systems for Animals 

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