AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill For Horses

AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill For Horses
This is, by far and away, the leading underwater treadmill system for equine rehabilitation and conditioning. Combining the benefits of treadmill exercise with hydrotherapy, AquaPacer is designed for above-ground installation and use. Result? You get a full 270 degrees of visibility! You also get clear walk-through doors at each end and large, clear panels on the sides so you have an unobstructed view of the horse as it exercises. You’ll be able to see joint and muscle improvements as they develop.
The idea for our AquaPacer equine water treadmill originated in the early ’90s. Most of the units we built then are still in service! Of course, our engineers continually listen to our customers, installers, and production staff, our AquaPacer has been continually improved.
Among AquaPacer's top features besides (270 degrees of view inside the chamber) are …
  • stainless-steel exercise chamber – built to handle the strength of a horse!
  • non-slip, solid-surface treadmill
  • direct-drive treadmill motor
  • water-storage reservoir that includes a recirculation system complete with heater and filter

For more information on this unparalleled way to maintain equine wellness, take a look at our AquaPacer Specifications and Features or contact HudsonTestimonial

AquaPacer Equine Underwater Treadmill System