Custom Above Ground Wood Beam Therapy Pools

Hudson’s custom above ground beam pools are unique because optional viewing windows allow the therapist or trainer to accurately monitor the patient’s or athlete’s gait and range of motion. The windows allow the therapist or trainer to work outside the pool with multiple patients or athletes working simultaneously. Our above ground beam pools offer huge viewing windows. These windows alleviate the need for cameras. The combination of the wood beams and large windows make our beam pool look like a work of art.   With features of multiple depth changes, swim jets and resistance jets, therapy benches and grab rails, and our drop-in AquaGaiter water treadmill our beam pool is second to none. Our flat wall design continues all the way around the pool for therapy. 

The beam pools give flexibility during installation since their components can pass through a standard doorway or windows making it simple to add a pool to your existing facility.  The custom fully above ground has the benefit of being constructed onto an existing floor with little to no construction needed to complete the install. These wellness pools can be ordered and designed in one inch increments height, width, or depth. All of our pools come with a full sized drawing to assist the site preparation and our technicians. This pool is also available in a partially in ground version.

Every custom wood beam rehabilitation pool is erected inside our facility to ensure proper fit. Then it is disassembled, packaged and shipped to your location where our technicians are available to install your new pool. Armed with full sized drawings and years of experience and knowledge they are able to install your pool to spec.  Our Custom Beam Therapy Pools are Second to None.

Above Ground Beam Pool Picture