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Case Studies

Hudson's Underwater Treadmill Helps Paralyzed Dog Walk Again

A ranch-hand's dog in Nevada was paralyzed due to an injury sustained from a deer's kick to the head earlier this year. The border collie was expected to never walk again. After an eight hour surgery,... Read more

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Underwater Treadmill Exercise for Horses

The use of underwater treadmill exercise for training and rehabilitation of horses has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many claims are made as to the usefulness of this form of exercise i... Read more

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AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill Proves Effective for Equine Osteoarthritis

The Equine reports a positive outcomes study on aquatic therapy for equines with OA.

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Benefits of AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill in Conditioning for the Dressage Equine

Blue Waters Farm and Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center explore the benefits of the AquaPacer as part of their fitness regimen.

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Why Hydrotherapy?

How will hydrotherapy help, what are the benefits and what conditions benefit from it?

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