Clearing Errors Correctly – An Easy Reset Solution

Sometimes a simple reset is all you need to correct a problem. Weather fronts move across the country every day disrupting the power grid which causes a system fault in our controls. The system fault protects the electronics from damage, but the system needs a power shut down to let the electronics reset. The remedy is simple. 

Turn the main incoming power off. The picture above shows the dark gray disconnect directly below the Hudson control cabinet. Open the disconnect from the bottom. Turn the breaker off by pushing the breaker to the left. Leave it off for a full 60 seconds. Then turn it back on by pushing the breaker to the right until you feel it click into place and hold. 

This resets the faults in the system caused by power fluctuations, and you can resume normal use of the system. If this does not remedy the problem, please time the power shut down to ensure a full 60 seconds has lapsed before reinstating power. If not remedied, please call for service support at 260-665-1635 x 226 during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST or after hours at 260-316-3938 to speak to the after-hours support line.