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Ways to Save Until 12-31

As the seasons change, we are reminded of the beauty all around us… and the beauty of impacting the lives we serve with aquatic therapy through our products and talents.

NOW is the best time to make a difference and integrate A Fitness or Therapy Pool From Hudson Aquatic Systems. If you’ve been waiting for the end of the year to make a decision on the type of custom pool to incorporate into your facility, consider these benefits:

1. a beautiful custom wood beam pool that we assemble on site and fits through a standard 36″ door opening.

2. unique features and options, such as the pool walls and floor construction, along with windows that make it easier to monitor patients.

3. made in the USA, all Hudson products have been manufactured in Angola, Indiana, since the 1920’s.

4. 10% off your purchase before 12/31/16 – to help you take the leap!

Be sure to compare the facts. Contact Us so we can show you the Hudson difference, find the best product to meet your needs, help with financing, and partner with you in improving the lives that utilize our products.


SAVE UP TO $12,000!

Place an order for an AquaPacer or AquaPacer Plus underwater treadmill for equines by Dec. 31 and receive 10% off of your purchase. That’s over $8000 on an AquaPacer with warm/hot water options and $12,000 on an AquaPacer Plus with cold/warm/hot water options!



This underwater treadmill system drops into an existing pool or new pool plans and combines the power of a treadmill and the buoyancy of water for a better workout than just walking in a pool. And for a limited time,you can save $1,600 with your purchase.

Save $900 & Decrease Your Monthly Electric Bill With an AquaPaws Thermal Tank Blanket

Order an AquaPaws underwater treadmill unit by December 31 and get a FREE thermal tank blanket, a savings of $900 plus continued monthly savings in your electricity bill! A thermal blanket helps retain the heat in your water storage tank, reducing the cost to heat the water each day. And the special insulated material keeps the heat from transferring into the room, reducing your AC expense in the summer months. It’s an efficient and smart investment… and until the end of the year, its FREE with your purchase. Make an impact on your wallet,monthly electric bill and the earth while you impact the lives of small animals!
Contact Us to place your order.

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