Understanding Proper Power

Everyone desires to optimize the life of expensive equipment in their business. Underwater treadmill systems and fitness and therapy AquaPools require a significant investment. Proper care and maintenance will extend the service life of this equipment.

The proper power – electrical voltage – will also extend the service life of the equipment. The voltage at your facility is determined by your local power company supplier and can range from 208-240 volts. The lower the voltage, the higher the amperage (heat) that is produced. Heat is the biggest cause of electrical failure. The optimum electrical supply for Hudson’s systems is 230 volts / 1 phase / 60 Hz. (For AquaPools, often the option to upgrade to 230 volts / 3 phase / 60 Hz is available.) The systems will operate on electrical voltages ranging from 208 volts to 240 volts, but the lower voltage can affect – shorten – the service life of heaters, pumps and controllers. 

We do offer an Aquaboost transformer, which can be added at the initial equipment installation, or added to existing equipment set ups to increase the voltage and long-term performance of the system.

When planning new construction or a facility remodel, have an electrician check the incoming voltage. If it is less than 230V you should consider adding an AquaBoost transformer. Your electrician can install it for you. Get the most from your investment and be sure to know, and plan for, proper power.