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6 Steps to Cleaning Your Filter Cartridge

Start off the New Year with easy maintenance to keep your water clean and healthy. By cleaning your water filters you can extend the life of your water and filter, saving you time and money. Make sure you have plenty of GLB Filter Cleanse, available on Hudson’s website Store.

Filter Cleanse works great to brighten and clean out the cartridge material. Filter Cleanse is red in color to make it easy to know the proper amount when soaking the filters. Follow these steps to clean your filter, and to avoid left-over residue that can cause excess foaming when reusing the clean filter:

  1. Add a cap full(s) of Filter Cleanse in soaking water until the water turns red, now you know enough cleanse has been added to get a thorough soak and clean.
  2. Let the filter soak in the solution for a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours.
  3. Remove the filter cartridge from the container and discard dirty solution, rinsing the container of any dirt and cleaning solution.
  4. Spray the filter inside and out with a powerful water stream. Pressure washers can be used, but care must be taken not to damage the cartridge material. A Filter Cartridge Cleaning Aqua Comb is a great cleaning tool.
  5. Fill container with fresh water and submerge clean filter. Swish clean cartridge for 10 seconds to remove any cleaning solution and reduce foam for next use.
  6. Remove cartridge from fresh water and place in a dry area. It is important to dry completely before using again.

A clean filter prevents impurities, bacteria and other harmful sediments from affecting your water quality. A little maintenance goes a long way for a healthy water environment. Check out our Store to get your chemicals and/or cleaning comb today!