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Custom Designed Therapy Pools


Low-impact, High-resistance Workout


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Hudson Aquatic’s commercial therapy and performance pools are designed in a variety of sizes, configurations and options, like spa jets and resistant swim currents, to provide a complete workout.

AquaPools is perfect for sport teams and individuals wanting gentle swimming during rehabilitation or high-energy workouts with faster, safer results. Hudson’s beam pools are unique because optional viewing windows allow the therapist or trainer to accurately monitor the patient’s or athlete’s gait and range of motion. The beam pools give flexibility during installation since their components can pass through a standard doorway or windows making it simple to add a pool to your existing commercial facility. In-ground, above-ground and partially above-ground pool designs, as well fiberglass designs available. Contact Us about custom therapy pools and which design best fits for your facility.


  • In-ground, above-ground and partially above-ground beam designs, as well as fiberglass designs available
  • Gait and range of motion can be monitored through viewing windows
  • Multiple depth pools available for controlled exercise and therapy
  • Warm water and buoyancy help reduce swelling and impact and stress on joints
  • Higher outcomes in half the time as land based workouts
  • Effective exercise for fitness, training, conditioning and wellness
  • Provides 360° of resistance for all range of motion movements


  • Custom sizes and depths
  • Pre-plumbed recirculation and filtration system
  • Flat non-skid bottom
  • Depth markers
  • Entire pool fits through at 36” door or opening
  • Chemical starter kit (US delivery only)
  • Maintenance kit
  • Extra filter cartridge
  • Thermometer
  • Floating pool cover
  • Installation by factory trained installers

Above-ground and partially above-ground pool accessories:

  • Viewing windows
  • Resistant swim current
  • Underwater treadmill
  • Entry stairs and ladders
  • Heaters
  • Benches and rails
  • Chiller units
  • Spa jets
  • Skimmer options