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After the Sale


At Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC, we strive to create a process that exceeds our customers’ expectations before, during and after the sale, in order to build life-long relationships and improve the lives that utilize our underwater treadmills and custom pools. Below are areas of after-the-sale service you can count on from Hudson.


Unlike other companies, Hudson Aquatic Systems’ process doesn’t end with the sale. Our factory trained installers arrive with your equipment in order to install the entire system, test and prepare it for operation. We even provide in-service training with staff to guarantee the unit is fully operational before we finish. We think it’s important that you get the most from investment and want to be sure you can take advantage of every minute of operation. Not to mention the importance of understanding maintenance and water quality instructions to keep your unit up and running successfully.


Hudson Aquatic Systems takes pride in assuring you have all the resources needed for maintenance so you can be fully functional and successful. That’s why we created an After Hours Service phone line (260-316-3938) and service email to assist you with product or maintenance problems. If we do not answer right away, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. If a problem persists and requires additional attention, Hudson offers on-site service where available, and through service partners. In addition, Ask Sam is a program created to handle water quality and water maintenance issues and questions. Just fill out the Ask Sam form and we’ll address your situation and make sure your issue is resolved, just fill out the form. We go the extra mile with parts, service and water quality assistance to keep you up and running.


All US Hudson Aquatic underwater treadmills and custom pools come with a one year parts and service warranty, while international parts are guaranteed for one year. An extended warranty for parts and service is available for one-two additional years. Hudson Aquatic Systems are designed and built to last, as some underwater treadmill system life spans have exceeded 40,000 miles.


Hudson Aquatic Systems strives to provide the resources you need to make the best decisions for your facility, including service, maintenance and water quality answers to help you be more successful.