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Underwater Treadmill System





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The AquaGaiter is considered a drop-in underwater treadmill system that easily installs into an existing pool or new pool construction and can transform a traditional swimming or lap pool into an aquatic therapy and conditioning environment.

Hudson Aquatic’s AquaGaiter is a perfect addition to any facility wanting to offer rehabilitation, conditioning or wellness. The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) offers twice the results in half the time. The AquaGaiter features variable speed adjustments with a Heavy Duty or High Speed option. The AquaGaiter is the first commercial underwater treadmill of its kind and continues to lead the market. Contact Us for more information on the Hudson Aquatic AquaGaiter.

Payments as low as $260 per month for a 5 year loan.


  • Convenient treadmill workouts in a traditional swimming or lap pool
  • Offers more social environment
  • Higher outcomes with workouts in half the time of land based workouts
  • Effective exercise for fitness, training, conditioning and wellness
  • Adjustable treadmill speeds allow for controlled workouts
  • Provides resistance throughout the range of motion with 360° of resistance for all movements, providing a closed-chain, hydrokinetic exercise


  • Large digital wall display showing speed, time and distance
  • Pneumatic speed control
  • Adjustable treadmill speed
  • Safety side steps and handrails
  • Suction Cup leveling pads
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Durable polypropylene frame construction
  • PVC-Monofil polyester belt
  • Exercise area of 22” x 58”