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Underwater Treadmill Systems and
Custom Pools

Choose the right system or pool to suit your needs

Unlock the power of aquatics

Hudson Aquatic’s AquaPaws series was designed to improve the lives of canines and small animals by offering low-impact, high-resistance therapy or workouts for rehabilitation from injury, optimal training and conditioning, and weight loss. The AquaPaws and AquaPools K9 provide the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure) for a rigorous cardiovascular workout with reduced impact and stress on joints. Just compare the features below and choose the series that best fits your needs. Contact Us for more information.

The latest unit in the AquaPaws underwater treadmill line, this system offers a lower entry threshold, magnetic door, a larger running surface, larger windows and holds up to 30” of water to accommodate larger breeds. The treadmill also offers adjustable speeds and several optional features to enhance patient outcomes.

An entry level modular version of the AquaPaws system, the AquaPawsJR was developed to offer a smaller footprint alternative. It offers all the basic options along with a smaller chassis and the convenience of mobility. It can easily be installed, disassembled and moved.

Hudson Aquatic’s freestanding fiberglass canine pools are designed in a variety of sizes with options like spa jets and resistant swim currents to provide animals with a complete workout. AquaPools K9 is perfect for gentle swimming during rehabilitation or high-energy splashing and playing with pool toys for fitness or recreation.

Hudson’s land treadmill systems make a great addition to your training, conditioning and rehabilitation program. The ability to control a dog’s pace and movements while working out provides a safe, confined environment and improves coordination, flexibility and strength.

Canine Underwater Treadmills

  AquaPAWS Jr
Adjust Treadmill Speed 0.1-9 MPH 0.3-9 MPH
Adjust Water Depth 0-30″ 0-27″
Entry Threshold 6″ 13″
Water Storage Tank with Recirculation System
Display Time Speed Distance
Quick Release Treadmill For Easy Cleaning
Large Viewing Windows
Plug N Play Design  
Touchscreen Control Panel
Energy Saving Mode  
Programmable Sessions    
Auto Clean    
Incline Option  


All systems include: installation, on-site service training and chemical starter kit.
Additional options available: resistance jets, ozone water sanitizer, UV water sanitizer, therapy bench, step or ramp, and storage tank blanket.


  Minimum Pool Size Maximum Pool Size Water Depth
Recirculation System with Filter Heater
& Pump
Swim Current Viewing Windows
in Side Wall
Beam Pools
In Ground 4’x6′ 40’x40′ 6″ – 42″ Optional  
Partial Above Ground 4’x6′ 20’x20′ 6″ – 42″ Optional
Above Ground 4’x6′ 20’x20′ 6″ – 42″ Optional
Fiberglass Pools
Neptune 4’x8′ 5’x12′ 42″  
Pacer 5’x13′ 6’x17′ 42″ Optional  
Designer 8’x12′ 8.5’x13′ 48″ Optional  
Hudson Harbor Pools
Small 9’x14′ 9’x14′ 6″, 12″, 42″    
Medium 9’x22′ 9’x22′ 6″, 12″, 42″    
Large 14’x18′ 14’x18′ 6″, 12″, 42″    

All K9 pools include: installation, on-site service training, maintenance kit, and chemical starter kit.
Additional options available: auto water level control, ozone system, UV system and exercise rails.



“The AquaPaws has made a huge difference for every aspect of my practice.
I can offer a productive treatment for conditions that I would have had no options
to treat before. The patients, clients and techs really enjoy working with the
AquaPaws; it’s often fun for everyone. It adds a new dimension to my medical
practice and has significantly added to profits as well.”


“We currently have two of the Hudson units in one of our facilities, and are
placing a third one in a satellite clinic in the following week. At Wizard of Paws
Physical Rehabilitation for Animals, LLC., we see between 20 and 30 patients per day
and our units are kept busy! The underwater treadmills in the main clinic are often
busy 12 hours per day, and are able to vary with both conditioning to neurological clients.
We have been very pleased with the durability of the product, the quality and the excellent service.
In my almost 16 years of experience in canine physical rehabilitation, I would absolutely
recommend Hudson, and will continue to use their products in future clinics"


"We love the positive outcomes that we are able to achieve at The PawStand with
our AquaPAWS Plus system. The jets are great for resistance training with our fitness canines,
and our rehab dogs respond quickly whether they are being seen for a
musculoskeletal injury or a neurological condition."