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Underwater Treadmill Systems and
Custom Pools

Choose the right system or pool to suit your needs


Hudson Aquatic created a series of underwater treadmill systems designed to improve the lives of people experiencing health challenges or wanting quicker, better workout results by offering low-impact, high-resistance therapy or workouts for rehabilitation from injury, optimal training and conditioning, and weight loss. The aquatic underwater treadmill systems and custom therapy pools provide the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure) for a rigorous cardiovascular workout with reduced impact and stress on joints. Just compare the features below and choose the unit that best fits your needs. Contact Us for more information.


AquaFit system offers a private exercise chamber with a larger track and adjustable touch screen for customizable fitness needs. The AquaFit is an exceptional tool that utilizes the benefits of exercising in water offering lower impact with higher outcomes in half the time of land based workouts.


The AquaFit Plus offers an adjustable touch screen control panel for customized workout sessions, as well as water recirculation, allowing the water to filter and heat while using the system. The private exercise chamber with a larger track makes this system an exceptional tool for athletes, sport teams, fitness centers and bariatric patients.


Considered a drop-in underwater treadmill system that easily installs into a new or existing pool and can transform a traditional swimming or lap pool into an aquatic therapy and conditioning environment. The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) offers twice the results.

Aqua Pool

Hudson Aquatic’s custom therapy and freestanding fiberglass pools are designed in a variety of sizes, configurations and options, like spa jets and resistant swim currents, to provide a complete workout. AquaPools is perfect for sport teams and individuals wanting gentle swimming during rehabilitation or high-energy workouts with faster, safer results.

This modular system is a perfect addition to any hospital, nursing home, sports medicine or physical therapy clinic. The AquaCiserIII is comprised of an exercise chamber, a water reservoir and control console housed within a fiberglass unit. Water temperature and depth, along with treadmill belt direction and speed can all be manipulated with low-impact, high resistance workouts to help patients’ confidence and balance.

Human Underwater Treadmills

  AquaCiser III AquaFit Plus AquaFit AquaGaiter HighspeedHS AquaGaiter
Adjust Treadmill Speed 0.1-7 0.3-7.5 0.3-7.5 1-7 1-5
Adjust Water Depth 12″-48″ 0″-48″ 0″-48″ * *
Water Storage Tank with Recirculation System    
Display Time Speed Distance Optional
Quick Release Treadmill For Easy Cleaning    
Large Viewing Windows    
Touchscreen Control Panel    
Energy Saving Mode    
Programmable Sessions        
Resistance Jets Optional Optional    
Whirlpool Jets        
Fold Down Bench  ✓  ✓    
Magnetic Door Latch      
Low Threshold Entry      
Forward and Reverse Directions    
Patient Controlled  

AquaFit and AquaCiserIII systems include installation, on-site service training, and chemical starter kits.
Additional options available: ozone sanitizer, and storage tank blanket for AquaFit.
*This product drops into an existing pool in 12″-60″ water depth.

AquaPOOLS: Human

  Minimum Pool Size Maximum Pool Size Water Depth
Recirculation System with Filter Heater
& Pump
Entry Stairs Viewing Windows
in Side Wall
In Ground 4’x6′ 40’x40′ 6″ – 71″  
Partial Above Ground 4’x6′ 27’x27′ 6″ – 71″
Above Ground 4’x6′ 27’x27′ 6″ – 54″
Designer Fiberglass 8’x12′ 8’x12′ 48″  
Hot/Cold Plunge Pools 6’x8′ 10’x17′ 42″    

All pools include:  design, installation, on-site service training, maintenance kit, and chemical starter kit.
Additional options available:  patient lift, underwater treadmill(s), therapy jets, resistance jets, swim current, exercise rails, therapy bench, auto water level control and chillers.



“I first started using the AquaFit because of multiple traumas to my foot. Normal PT was
helping, but I couldn’t walk on it. The underwater treadmill took the weight off my foot and
allowed me to start walking and building muscle. After a month and a half, I was able to walk
with a cane and not a walker. I’m very excited with the improvements and my doctors can’t
believe how much movement and success I’ve had. I highly recommend aquatic therapy.”

“We have been very happy with the customer service from Hudson Aquatic.
They have been very professional and attentive to our needs, responding to emails
and phone calls even after hours.”


“The AquaFit was by far the best running experience I have ever had!”