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Underwater Treadmill System


Low-impact, High-resistance Workout

AquaPaws Jr


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The AquaPaws series was designed to improve the lives of canines and small animals by offering low-impact, high-resistance therapy or workouts for rehabilitation from injury, optimal training and conditioning, and weight loss. AquaPaws provides the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure) for a rigorous cardiovascular workout with reduced impact and stress on joints.

The AquaPawsJR system is a compact version of the AquaPaws system, developed to offer a smaller footprint alternative. It offers all the basic options along with a smaller chassis and the convenience of mobility. It can easily be installed, disassembled and moved. Contact Us to find out the benefits of adding an AquaPaws JR to your practice.


  • Earlier intervention and rehabilitation
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Effective exercise for dogs and small animals of all ages
  • Adjustable water depths for controlled weight-bearing exercises
  • Water provides resistance throughout the range of motion, providing a closed chain, hydrokinetic exercise


  • Modular System Comprising Of Two Pieces
  • Simple Self-Installation
  • Plug N Play Design
  • Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • Unobstructed Large Viewing Windows
  • Quick Release Treadmill For Easy Cleaning
  • Adjustable Treadmill Speed (including reverse)
  • Adjustable Water Depth
  • Magnetic Door Latch
  • Exercise Area of 15” x 52”
  • Chemical starter kit (US delivery only)
  • Therapist Bench*
  • Resistance Jets*
  • Entry Ramp*
  • Ozone System*

*optional features