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Land Treadmill Systems

Exercise and rehab option for dogs




1 Year Warranty Included, parts only

The Hudson canine land treadmills, AirPaws100 and AirPaws200, are designed to give canines an additional workout option for training, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Utilizing a land treadmill allows you to control a dog’s pace and movement, while at the same time, providing consistency that keeps him alert and helps him concentrate. These units are especially successful for military and training canines, show and competition dogs, as well as dogs with behavior issues that require extra exercise in their routine.

Hudson offers two size units, AirPaws100 and AirPaws200 to meet your space requirements. The AirPaws200 includes an incline for more advanced and rigorous workouts. Both units come with a digital control panel to track time, speed and distance.


  • Improves cardiac function after joint surgery
  • Improves joint flexibility
  • Provides structure, consistency and controlled mobility environment
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Loss of fat – improves coordination
  • Improves limb movement and general well-being
  • Speeds recovery after orthopedic surgery
  • Provides an overall improvement for arthritis and joint problems
  • Stimulates an optimal blood flow
  • Offers ability to train breeds that require a lot of exercise throughout the year, no matter the weather
  • Helps breeds exert energy in a safe routine to avoid behavioral issues
  • Improves rehabilitation of hips and hocks and lower spinal function, as well as greater improved fitness utilizing incline function


  • Manufactured to commercial specifications
  • Designed specifically for small animals with side rails for a contained environment
  • Leash bracket included to control dog’s position on the treadmill
  • Speed ranges from .8mph to 7.5mph
  • Running surface:
    AirPaws 100 = 61” X 16”
    AirPaws 200 = 70” X 18”
  • Max. dog weight:
    AirPaws 100 = 220 lbs.
    AirPaws 200 = 242 lbs.
  • Touch pad controls for easy operation with time, speed and distance
  • Safety tether for emergency stop
  • Operates on a standard 3-prong 120v receptacle
  • AirPaws 200 includes electric incline feature – up to 15 degrees