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Aquatic Therapy Increases Strength and Mental Health in Senior Dogs


Aquatic therapy utilizing an UWTM like the AquaPaws SS and AquaPaws JR can improve strength, fitness, weight loss, and mental health in senior dogs, as well as provide an alternative to pain treatment and medication.

In an article for Beach Metro Community News, Dr. Sarah Thornton from the Toronto Veterinary Rehabilitation Centre in the Beach shares how senior and injured dogs benefit in multiple ways from the use of the AquaPaws SS underwater treadmill system: “In the past, many dog owners might have felt their only option to manage pain and limited mobility faced by their older or injured dogs was with pain killers. Some dogs can’t tolerate the medications and some owners prefer a more natural method of treatment… Rehab is a good option to help them deal with their issues.”

Dr. Thornton explains how buoyancy benefits dogs with mobility issues and allows them to work out without stressing the joints. Along with the physical benefits, Thornton said coming to the Centre is also good for the mental health of dogs. “The Centre is a place of socialization and fun activities, especially for older dogs who may not be able to run around in the park like they once used to.” The use of the AquaPaws SS provides mental enrichment and an opportunity to exercise and be active.
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