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Horses Benefit from AquaPacer at Fossil Creek Equine Center

Since Fossil Creek Equine Center opened in 2015, they have utilized Hudson Aquatic System’s AquaPacer underwater treadmill system for injury rehabilitation, post-surgery care, performance conditioning, and injury prevention or wellness. Cassie Mantor, owner, says that the AquaPacer makes up 40 percent of their business and they use it 8-10 times a day, six days a week.

“The AquaPacer encourages a horse to use equal parts of their body, so they don’t walk side to side,” said Mantor. “Using the AquaPacer refreshes the use of all muscles and makes them stronger, allowing horses to use the correct posture, form and gait. With buoyancy, they have an even balance of weight which they can’t achieve on land, and the resistance helps build muscle to avoid injury.”

Fossil Creek Equine Center is a state-of-the-art equine rehabilitation and fitness facility located in Boerne, Texas. They offer 19 indoor stalls and frequently get rehab patients that require strict stall rest, as well as drive-through conditioning race and competition horses.

“We have found that the AquaPacer helps improve the mental health of our patients,” said Mantor. “Some of our strict stall rest patients really look forward to their session and see it as part of their job. Horses that understand their job are happier and have a better attitude and quicker recovery. And it’s not like a pool or pond where you can’t control the water depth – we have total control of how much to fill it so our horses get a customized workout and don’t have any fear. They love it.”

The AquaPacer is an above-ground, underwater treadmill designed for a safe, effective exercise with 270° of visibility to observe the horse’s movement:

  • •  Improves performance and accelerates conditioning with a low impact, full body workout.
  • •  Adjustable speed and water depth, so you can use it with minimal amount of water, or full of water, depending on your horse’s fitness level and needs.
  • •  Buoyancy lessens the weight-bearing load on the horses’ joints, while still allowing horses to use their natural gait.
  • •  The hydrostatic pressure from the water decreases inflammation and improves circulation.
  • •  Natural resistance from the water builds up cardiovascular strength and endurance much faster than traditional conditioning methods. 

For more information about the AquaPacer click HERE. For more details on Fossil Creek Equine Center, go to www.fossilcreekequine.com