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Hudson Partners with Local Animal Shelter

We are happy to announce a unique collaborate with our local Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County. In order to help shelter animals waiting for adoption, we’ve invited our new furry friends to our facility to walk in the AquaPaws SS for more exercise and additional socialization while they wait for their “furever” home.

Hudson Aquatic Systems is working with the animal shelter, not for therapeutic treatment, but as a way to keep animals active, social, happy and increase the reach and awareness to more people…increasing the chances of adoption. It’s also a wonderful way to show the benefits of the AquaPaws SS underwater treadmill and how all types of animals enjoy, benefit and improve from it.

Last week, our first four-legged visitor from the shelter came to get acquainted with the AquaPaws SS unit and was very comfortable inside it. His name is Phantom (we told him his name was very appropriate for this month – we got kisses in return!) Despite the ghostly name, Phantom is FULL of life, and love. He is 8 years young and is currently recovering from entropion surgery, a condition caused when the eye lid rolls inward and the eyelashes rub against the eye causing serious irritation. Despite the rough few months he’s endured, he hasn’t lost any of his fun-loving spunk.

In the coming months, Hudson will report on the progress of Phantom and many other furry friends (you might hear a meow every once and awhile). Our hope is to help improve the quality of life and care these animals deserve while bringing attention to their need for a forever home.

If you would like to learn more about the available pets for adoption, please visit their website: http://www.chssteubencounty.org/adopt-test-3/