Aqua Paws Underwater Treadmill for dogs

Underwater Treadmill for Dogs and Small Animals

If your facility is involved in canine rehab and conditioning , you’re going to love our family of Aqua Paws canine water treadmill systems. Your customers will love it, too – making it a solid profit center for your business!

Aqua Paws is a unique K9 underwater treadmill system specifically designed to give dogs and other small animals the combined benefits of treadmill exercise and hydrotherapy.

The idea for Aqua Paws underwater treadmill for dogs originated in 1997. Since the product’s inception, we’ve built and sold hundreds of units, most of which remain in service!

Today’s Aqua Paws Water Treadmill Systems for dogs is the product of an ongoing evolution, reflecting the latest technological advances as well as suggestions from customers, installers, and our own production staff.

You’ll find Aqua Paws to be especially robust. Its frame is made of powder-coated steel; the tank of black copolymer polypropylene; and the windows of acrylic plexiglass. To increase product cycle times and longevity, we not only use more pumps but also larger pumps.

You’ll find more information on this remarkable rehabilitation and conditioning system for dogs and other small animals in our AquaPaws Specifications and Options. Contact Hudson if you need additional details.
 ”Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” -Roger Caras



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