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Elevating Canine Care with Advanced Aquatic Therapy Systems

Therapeutic Benefits

Aqua therapy offers a safe, low-impact rehabilitation method that enhances healing and mobility in dogs without stressing their joints.

Muscle Strengthening

Water resistance during aqua therapy strengthens canine muscles, accelerating recovery and improving overall well-being.

Comprehensive Care

Implementing advanced aquatic therapy systems in clinics and doggie day care facilities expands service offerings and demonstrates a commitment to innovative, comprehensive canine care.

Service Expansion

Including water therapy as a service offering makes your clinic or care center more attractive to your customers. The return on investment is measurable.

Select From Our Advanced Aquatic Treadmill and Land Treadmill Solutions


Hudson’s AquaPaws series enhances the well-being of canines and small animals through low-impact, high-resistance aquatic therapy and workouts. They are designed for rehabilitation, conditioning, and weight loss.

AquaPaws harnesses water’s buoyancy, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure to deliver a vigorous cardiovascular workout with minimal joint stress.

AquaPaws Plus
AquaPaws Mod Pro

AirPaws Land Treadmill

Complements Aquatic Therapy

The AirPaws Land Treadmill, with its space-efficient design, seamlessly complements Hudson’s aquatic treadmill lineup. This synergy allows for a holistic approach to canine wellness, accommodating various training and rehabilitation strategies.

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Your Peers, Their Stories

Our customers are excited to share their therapy use cases with us because of the incredible success they have had. Take a look at these satisfied customers and their clients who are enjoying their journey to wellness.

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It Takes a Village!

Our partnerships create a collaborative community that is focused on healing and wellness. While we are busy building the underwater treadmills, our customers are bringing our solutions to the community through education and training.

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Our online store stocks all the accessories and supplies for your Hudson aquatic systems. From essential maintenance products to advanced accessories, we ensure you have the right tools to keep your system performing at its best.

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