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Equine Rehab and Wellness Conference

Pinnacle Rehab Center Fayetteville, Arkansas
September 20-22, 2024

Hudson Aquatic Systems, along with three other partner companies: Unbridled Equine, Pinnacle Rehab Center, and Respond Systems Inc., are hosting the 2024 Equine Rehab and Wellness Conference to share the latest advancements and practical techniques in equine rehabilitation and wellness.

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We are limiting this event to
50 persons so sign up today!

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Registration Fee - $500 3 day conference

Company Discount - $425 For companies registering for 3 or more persons

Why Attend? Interested in Equine Wellness and Performance?

This event if for veterinarians, veterinary students, horse owners and trainers, and equine therapists to network with leading professionals and like-minded individuals and discuss collaboration for future projects.

Attendees will also learn:

  • Latest evidence-based best practices
  • Innovative therapies to improve outcomes
  • Advanced therapeutic technologies
  • Nutrition management
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