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AquaGaiter Pro

Underwater Treadmill Solution For Your Pool
Low-Impact, High-Resistance Workout

Innovative Pool Enhancement: The AquaGaiter seamlessly integrates into existing pool facilities, transforming standard pools into centers of aquatic therapy and fitness. This unique capability allows facilities to leverage their current infrastructure, offering advanced hydrotherapy without the need for extensive renovations or new constructions.

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Quick Facts

Overall Length: 72" (182.3 cm)

Overall Width: 34" (86.4 cm)

Overall Height: 66" (167.6 cm)

Treadmill Speed: 0.5-5


208 - 240 VAC | 1 Phase | 50-60 Hz | 30 Amp Service


Running Surface Length: 56.5" (143.5 cm)

Running Surface Width: 22" (55.9 cm)

Width Between Handrails: 26" (66 cm)

Weight: 285 lbs (129 kg)

Water Depth to operate: 20-60" (50.8-152.4 cm)

Wall Display Length: 18" (40.6 cm)

Wall Display Width: 12" (30.5 cm)

Wall Display Depth: 5.25" (13.3 cm)

Hydraulic Power Pack: 14.5x23.5x34" (16.8x59.7x86.4 cm)

AquaGaiter Pro
Adjustable Treadmill Speed 1 - 5 1 - 5
Adjustable Water Depth * *
Display Time Speed Distance
Patient Controlled
  • Large digital wall display showing speed, time and distance
  • Pneumatic speed control
  • Adjustable treadmill speed
  • Safety side steps and handrails
  • Suction cup leveling pads
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Durable polypropylene frame construction
  • PVC-Monofil polyester belt
  • Exercise area of 22” x 58”

Hudson’s underwater treadmill is added to your existing pool infrastructure. Please consider these parameters when you are looking at your installation space.

  1. Space Allocation – Sufficient Installation Area in the Pool
  2. Electrical Setup – Required Power Supply
  3. Delivery Logistics – Accessible Installation Path

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