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Supporting Human Health with Advanced Aquatic Therapy Systems

Recovery Support

Hudson’s systems provide effective, low-impact rehabilitation, leveraging water’s buoyancy to aid recovery and mobility with minimal joint stress.

Fitness Gains

Offering high-resistance aquatic workouts, these systems accelerate strength, endurance, and cardiovascular improvements with reduced physical strain.

Wellness Integration

Adding Hudson’s treadmills to your facility broadens health and fitness services, reflecting a dedication to innovative wellness options.

Service Expansion

Introducing aquatic therapy attracts a wider audience and meets diverse health and fitness needs while boosting satisfaction and growth.

Select From Our Advanced Aquatic Treadmill and Land Treadmill Solutions

AquaFit Pro

The AquaFit Pro system offers premier aquatic therapy and fitness solutions, featuring an expansive exercise chamber for a broader spectrum of workout and rehabilitation possibilities. It’s specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of sports teams, athletes, bariatric patients, and fitness enthusiasts to ensure everyone can achieve their desired fitness goals.

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AquaFit Plus

Underwater Treadmill System for People Rehabilitation, Conditioning, and Wellness

Enhancing Fitness
The AquaFit Plus underwater treadmill system is a premiere hydrotherapy fitness solution for people of all ages. Featuring an expansive exercise chamber that caters to a diverse range of workout needs, it is specifically tailored for those desiring an option other than traditional land based exercise. The AquaFit Plus provides versatile fitness benefits for sports teams, individual athletes, bariatric patients, and fitness enthusiasts.

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AquaGaiter Pro

Innovative Pool Enhancement: The AquaGaiter seamlessly integrates into existing pool facilities, transforming standard pools into centers of aquatic therapy and fitness. This unique capability allows facilities to leverage their current infrastructure, offering advanced hydrotherapy without the need for extensive renovations or new constructions.

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AquaGaiter Plus

Innovative Pool Enhancement: The AquaGaiter Plus integrates smoothly with existing pool facilities, converting conventional pools into advanced centers for aquatic therapy and fitness. This distinctive feature enables facilities to capitalize on their existing infrastructure, providing enhanced hydrotherapy options without extensive renovations or new construction. Additionally, the AquaGaiter Plus operates at a higher speed compared to the AquaGaiter Pro, creating expanded performance.

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Your Peers, Their Stories

Our customers are excited to share their therapy use cases with us because of the incredible success they have had. Take a look at these satisfied customers and their clients who are enjoying their journey to wellness.

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We are in this together

Our partnerships create a collaborative community that is focused on healing and wellness. While we are busy building the underwater treadmills, our partners are bringing our solutions to the community through education and training.

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Our online store stocks all the accessories and supplies for your Hudson aquatic systems. From essential maintenance products to advanced accessories, we ensure you have the right tools to keep your system performing at its best.

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