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Enhancing Equine Care with Advanced Aquatic Therapy Systems

Therapeutic Advantages

The AquaPacer system provides a secure, low-impact solution for equine rehabilitation, promoting healing and enhancing mobility without added joint stress.

Muscle Development

Adjustable water resistance strengthens equine muscles efficiently, fostering quicker recovery and boosting overall health and fitness.

Enhanced Equine Care

Incorporating the AquaPacer into equine clinics and training facilities broadens the spectrum of care services and emphasizes a dedication to forward-thinking, holistic equine wellness.

Service Diversification

Adding the AquaPacer’s aquatic therapy to your rehab options not only enriches your service portfolio but also increases your facility’s appeal to clients. This investment yields tangible returns, enhancing both equine well-being and business growth.

Select From Our Advanced Aquatic Treadmill Options

AquaPacer Pro

Accelerating Equine Recovery and Conditioning

Hudson’s AquaPacer Pro system is expertly crafted to enhance the conditioning, recovery, and performance of equines across all disciplines. By providing low-impact, high-resistance aquatic therapy, it ensures rapid rehabilitation from injuries, superior training outcomes, and peak fitness for horses at any activity level.

For a saltwater option, see the AquaPacer Platinum.

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AquaPacer Plus

Accelerating Equine Recovery, Conditioning, and Wellness

The AquaPacer Plus differs from the AquaPacer Pro in that it has the option to use saltwater as well as the ability to see and access the horse from both sides of the therapy unit. It is crafted to provide low-impact yet high-resistance aquatic therapy. It also facilitates swift recovery, optimal training, and peak fitness, catering to every activity level.

For a smaller footprint solution that only offers fresh water, see the features of the AquaPacer Pro.

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AquaPacer Platinum

Setting the New Standard for Equine Wellness and Performance Optimization

The AquaPacer Platinum comes with all the options so that when it comes to your therapy sessions, you can choose the best fit for your horse.. This comprehensive system offers unparalleled rehabilitation, conditioning, and fitness benefits.

For a smaller footprint solution that only offers fresh water, see the features of the AquaPacer Pro.

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Your Peers, Their Stories

Our customers are excited to share their therapy use cases with us because of the incredible success they have had. Take a look at these satisfied customers and their clients who are enjoying their journey to wellness.

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The Equine Community Is Committed to Excellence

Our partnerships create a collaborative community that is focused on healing and wellness. While we are busy building the underwater treadmills, our partners are bringing our solutions to the community through education and training.

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Our online store stocks all the accessories and supplies for your Hudson aquatic systems. From essential maintenance products to advanced accessories, we ensure you have the right tools to keep your system performing at its best.

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