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Hero Braces and Respond Systems Incorporated Collaboration

This joint effort unites the expertise of leaders in canine orthopedic solutions and advanced veterinary rehabilitation therapies. Our comprehensive course, designed for therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals, offers an enriching learning experience with 12 hours of RACE-approved Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Hero Braces: Expertise in Canine Orthopedics

Our collaboration with Hero Braces brings a focused lens on canine orthopedics. Participants will gain insights into the design, application, and therapeutic benefits of custom-designed dog braces. This course will cover practical aspects of fitting braces, understanding their role in rehabilitation, and enhancing the quality of life for dogs, especially those who cannot undergo surgery.

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Respond Systems Incorporated: Leaders in Veterinary Rehabilitation

Partnering with Respond Systems Incorporated introduces participants to veterinary rehabilitation technologies. With over 35 years of experience in laser therapy and bio-pulse magnetic therapy, their expertise enriches the course content. Participants will explore the scientific principles behind these advanced therapies, their application in veterinary practice, and the impact they have on animal care and rehabilitation.

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A Comprehensive Learning Experience

This course is an immersive experience that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application. Participants will walk away with insights in both canine orthopedics and advanced rehabilitation therapies as well as a diverse set of skills that they can apply in various professional settings.

Ongoing Support and Professional Development

Beyond the course, participants will have access to a wealth of resources and ongoing support from both Hero Braces and Respond Systems Incorporated. This includes advanced training materials, expert consultations, and a community of professionals dedicated to the highest standards in animal rehabilitation.

Join Us in Advancing Canine Rehabilitation

At Hudson, we are eager to expand our network of product partners dedicated to canine rehabilitation. If your company specializes in innovative rehabilitation tools and shares our commitment to enhancing animal welfare, we invite you to collaborate with us. Together, we can create improved health outcomes for dogs and their families.

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