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Hudson Partnerships

Advancing Aquatic Therapy Together

In the world of health and healing, we believe that our partnerships bridge the gap between innovative aquatic therapy solutions and the diverse needs of equine, human, and canine health and wellness.

Equine Partnership: Unbridled Equine

In our collaboration with Unbridled Equine, Hudson Aquatic Systems is able to offer unparalleled equine wellness training and consulting services for our customers. Together, we ensure equine professionals have the knowledge and tools to fully leverage the benefits of our AquaPacer underwater treadmills.

Unbridled Equine

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Canine Partnership: Canine IQ

Through our partnership with CanineIQ, we offer a specialized course on aquatic therapy, focusing on its benefits for small animals, especially canines. Utilizing Hudson Aquatic Systems products, the course highlights the effectiveness and versatility of aquatic therapy. Participants gain insights from case studies, educational resources such as white papers, videos, and infographics, emphasizing the advanced outcomes achievable with our innovative equipment. This educational initiative underscores our commitment to enhancing veterinary care through continuous learning and state-of-the-art therapy solutions.

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Canine Partnership: Chi University

Our collaboration with Chi University enhances the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinarian Program (CCRV), crucial for equipping licensed veterinarians and veterinary students with the expertise to develop extensive rehabilitation strategies for dogs. This partnership not only ensures access to Hudson’s cutting-edge aquatic therapy equipment but also emphasizes the importance of ongoing education. By integrating top-tier therapeutic tools with continuous learning, we empower these future veterinary professionals to achieve exceptional outcomes in canine health and recovery.

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AquaPaws canine therapy water treadmill

A Call to Collaborative Excellence

We are always on the lookout for businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and veterinary professionals that align with our mission to improve health and wellness across all walks of life. The value of our partnerships extends beyond the immediate benefits of our aquatic systems. We want to stay at the forefront of rehabilitation and wellness practice with professional growth, continued education, and enhanced service offerings.

By integrating Hudson aquatic therapy solutions with your educational content and expertise, we can collectively enhance the quality of care and open new avenues for recovery, wellness, and success!

Let us know if you are interested in becoming a member of our partner program.

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