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Elevating Equine Excellence: Our Partnership with Unbridled Equine

Empowering Your Equine Journey

At Hudson Aquatic Systems, we understand that equine fitness and healthcare are more than just a commitment – they’re a passion. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Unbridled Equine, a leader in equine training and consulting. Our partnership is designed to elevate your journey in equine wellness, offering comprehensive training, educational resources, and expert consulting services.

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Customized Training and Consulting Experience

Whether you’re considering an AquaPacer for your facility or already have one enhancing your equine operations, our collaboration with Unbridled Equine is here to maximize its potential. Our goal is to ensure both prospective buyers and current owners of the AquaPacer can utilize this state-of-the-art underwater treadmill safely and effectively, tailoring the experience to optimize outcomes for your equine companions.

Unbridled Equine

Pre-Installation to Post-Training Support

Our journey with you begins even before your AquaPacer arrives. Engage in virtual consultations with the Unbridled Equine team to:

  • Streamline legal documentation
  • Establish record-keeping protocols
  • Discuss your business objectives
  • Address any initial queries

Once your AquaPacer is installed, Unbridled Equine’s hands-on training program details not just operation but also the nuances of equine behavior and response in aquatic settings, ensuring both safety and effectiveness. This comprehensive program includes detailed step-by-step protocols, guiding both horses and handlers through best practices tailored to your specific environment.

Continued Partnership for Ongoing Success

Our commitment doesn’t end with the initial training. Unbridled Equine remains a resource for follow-up questions and additional training sessions. This ongoing support is crucial in adapting to evolving needs while also ensuring the long-term success and safety of your AquaPacer operations.

A Partnership Built on Expertise and Dedication

At Hudson, we pride ourselves in offering the finest underwater treadmills in the market. Our partnership with Unbridled Equine, renowned for its expertise in horses and equine rehabilitation, is a testament to our dedication to your success. We believe that the right tools, coupled with expert guidance, can transform equine fitness and rehabilitation

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