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Water Quality FAQs

Twice per day. Beginning and end of each day is suggested.

Use an ammonia-free hard surface disinfectant to wipe down doors and windows each day, or after each use.

Immediately press the e-stop button and manually open treadmill waste valve to gravity drain contaminated treadmill water. Then follow the owner’s manual instructions.

A: Use chlorine neutralizer per container directions.
B: Drain 1/2 water storage tank and fill with fresh water to dilute.

A: White foam indicates cleaners and contaminants are present. Add additional Foam Out chemical.
B: Brown foam is a sign of problems with sanitizer levels. A shock treatment, or hyper-chlorinated treatment is required.

Calcium build up indicates high pH levels in the water. Refer to owner’s manual to adjust and maintain correct levels.

First, check if recirculation pump is working, if the filter needs cleaned, and check pressure. Next press the reset button on the heater and check the thermostat setting.

Patient and trainer (if entering water) should shower off oils, lotions, shampoos, and any other contaminants.

Hose off horse’s legs and pick their hooves before using the AquaPacer.

Canines should be cleaned prior to their therapy experience.

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