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AquaPacer Platinum

The Ultimate Equine Underwater Treadmill System Low-Impact, High-Resistance Equine Workout

Setting the New Standard for Equine Wellness and Performance Optimization

The AquaPacer Platinum comes with all the options so that when it comes to your therapy sessions, you can choose the best fit for your horse.. This comprehensive system offers unparalleled rehabilitation, conditioning, and fitness benefits.

For a smaller footprint solution that only offers fresh water, see the features of the AquaPacer Pro.

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Quick Facts

Overall Length: 216"

Overall Width: 77"

Overall Height: 64.5"

Treadmill Speed

Exercise Chamber

Inside Length: 144"

Inside Width: 35.25"

Water Depth: 0 - 47"

Fill/Drain Time: 5 Minute

Running Surface: 128" x 24"

Door Opening: 25.5"

Weight: Empty: 4,500lbs
Full: 13,000lbs

Vertical Water Storage Tank for Warm Water Supply - 1000 Gallons

Length: 92"

Width: 40"

Height: 90"

Weight: Empty: 430lbs
Full: 8,766lbs

Electrical Requirements for Treadmil

230 VAC | 1 Phase | 60 Hz | 50 Amp Service

AquaPacer Platinum AquaPacer PlusAquaPacer Pro
Adjustable Treadmill Speed 1 - 5 MPH 1 - 5 MPH1 - 5 MPH
Adjustable Water Depth 0 - 47" 0 - 47"0 - 47"
Display Time Speed Distance
Large Viewing Windows 2 Long Sides 2 Long Sides1 Long Side
Touch Screen Control Panel
Energy Saving Mode
Non-Skid Ramps at Both Ends
Clear See-Through Doors at Each End
Full Length Trainer's Platform 2 Full 2 Full1 Full, 2 Partial
Easy Access to Mechanicals for Service
Adjustable Chest/Tail Chains with Break-Away Feature
Fill and Drain Pumps
Heated Water Recirculation System
Hot/Cold Water Control Switch
Cold Saltwater Water Recirculation System Optional
UV Secondary Sanitization System OptionalOptional
Dual Hair Strainer Optional
Pre-Filter Cartridge OptionalOptional
Resistance Jets Optional
Pre-Filter Glass Media Optional Optional
  • Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • Four Large Viewing Windows
  • Clear Viewing Doors with Handle Lock
  • Dual Full-Length Trainer Platforms
  • Adjustable Treadmill Speed (0-5 MPH)
  • Adjustable Water Depth (0-47″)
  • Entry Ramps with Non-Slip Mats
  • Non-Slip, Solid Surface Treadmill Belt
  • Offloaded Mechanical Design
  • Full Recirculation System and Fill and Drain Pumps
  • Dual Emergency Drain – Evacuate Water in 23 Seconds
  • Cold Saltwater System
  • Additional 750 Gallon Water Tank
  • 4.5 Ton Chiller Unit
  • Turbulence Jet Four Pack
  • Dual Hair Strainer
  • UV Secondary Sanitization System
  • One Year Limited Warranty on Parts and Service Warranty

Hudson’s underwater treadmills are enclosed systems that include both the treadmill and the water support system. Please consider these parameters when you are looking at your installation space.

  1. Space Allocation – Sufficient Installation Area
  2. Water System – Separate Tank Room
  3. Floor Strength – Adequate Load Support
  4. Electrical Setup – Required Power Supply
  5. Delivery Logistics – Accessible Installation Path

Required Water Supply Options:

The AquaPacer Plus requires a water storage tank to complete the system. Two options are available and are generally chosen based on space requirements.

  • 1,000 gallon vertical water storage tank to store the warm water supply
  • A second 750 gallon water storage tank is included if cold saltwater is chosen as an option

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