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Both AquaPacer and CryoSpa Systems Added to Facility in Southeast PA

Equine Kinetics, Inc. (EKI) in Pipersville, PA, recently added both a Hudson AquaPacer and a CET Equine Spa to their facility. EKI is passionate about providing a full-service conditioning, training, and rehabilitation facility with unique programs tailored to each individual horse’s diagnosis.

EKI opened for business and celebrated an open house in June. EKI develops a thorough examination and plan to fit the needs of each horse and then offers unique, specialized care for mostly competition horses to improve fitness, muscle tone, balance, and symmetry.

“We chose both the underwater treadmill for the workout platform, and the cold salt water therapy for the recovery spa platform, in order to give our customers the best of both therapies,” said Rachel Mitchell, owner. “Sometimes our full care board customers will get a rehab and conditioning treatment in the same day – it all depends on their diagnosis and what they will benefit from most.” Mitchell said EKI already provides approximately 15 sessions per week in both the AquaPacer and spa to trailer in clients and full care boarders.

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