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COVID-19 Start-Up Protocols for Underwater Treadmills


As you begin to bring on therapy patients, be sure to follow these start-up procedures for your underwater treadmill system for the most efficient process to get up and running.

  1. Keep power off at disconnect
  2. Make sure all drain valves out of the storage tank are in the closed position. DO NOT turn the power at the disconnect on until the water storage tank is filled. Most AquaPaws systems have 3 waste valves: Storage Waste, Recirculation Waste and Treadmill Waste.
  3. Turn all pump valves to open position.
  4. Place clean filter cartridge inside filter canister.
  5. Remove the water storage tank lid
  6. Place hose in tank opening. Keep hose above water to prevent siphon in the event of water pressure loss. Use a soft spring clamp to hold garden hose into top opening of tank.
  7. Fill the water storage tank. You can use warm water (not all hot) to shorten the heating time to therapy temperature. Set a reminder timer as to not overfill and flood the room.
  8. When the water storage tank is full, turn off the water and remove the hose.
  9. Place the lid over the water storage tank opening.
  10. Turn on the power at the disconnect.
  11. Make sure your recirculation activates or check if within the recirculation time and day set.
  12. Once you observe water flowing thru the recirculation pump, slightly open air relief on the top of filter and bleed out any excess air in the system.
  13. Follow your Hudson Water Care Guide for initial water treatment.
  14. Fill the treadmill over the jets.
  15. Test treadmill in forward and reverse at different speeds.
  16. Run the jets for 2 minutes to flush with chemically treated water. If the jets do not produce flow, turn them off. You may have to remove the front strainer lid of the jet pump and fill with water to prime the pump which removes an air block.
  17. **Do not enter the water storage tank for cleaning. This is not recommended and not safe – chlorine gas may be present.  We have a process to clean the water storage tank chemically.**

Please call or contact us with any questions, issues or water quality problems.