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New Installs at The Military Working Dog Veterinary Service Hospital in Lackland, Texas

The Military Working Dog Veterinary Service Hospital at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Lackland, Texas, recently upgraded two of their AquaPaws underwater treadmill systems and added an AquaPools K9 therapy pool.

The U.S. military employs up to 2,500 canines at any given time, many of which will at some point need therapy. The facility uses canine massage therapy, an AquaPaws underwater treadmill system, extracorporeal shock wave treatments, low level lasers, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, hot and cold packs, etc. The four-legged patients stay for 8 to 16 weeks and then many are successfully returned to duty.

In an article from Massage Magazine, certified canine rehabilitation practitioner and licensed veterinary technician Kelley Meyer, A.A.S., L.V.T., L.A.T.G., C.C.R.P., works to restore health to working dogs and prepares those about to retire for adoption. Meyer chooses the most appropriate tool, including underwater treadmills, depending on need and where the dog is in the recovery stage.

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