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Prepare Now for Winter Training and Conditioning with an AquaPacer

If your competition season is coming to an end, how will you train and condition during the winter months? Do you move your horses south to better weather and temperatures? Compare your options and consider the benefits of adding aquatic therapy with an AquaPacer underwater treadmill to your program for your facility or center.

An article in Equine Wellness  explains how to succeed with a treadmill, how horses benefit, benefits of treadmill exercise, safety concerns, and addresses the skeptics of equine treadmill exercise with a success story.

Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

Some of the benefits of incorporating a treadmill into a horse’s exercise routine include the following:

  • •  It gives the ability to control the water depth, speed, and overall intensity of the workout.
  • •  “Cross-training,” or supplementing a training regimen with this type of exercise, increases a horse’s stamina and endurance.
  • •  Treadmill exercise allows for the isolation and conditioning of specific muscle groups.
  • •  It offers the ability to monitor more closely and make gait adjustments faster because the horse is in a controlled environment.
  • •  It promotes correct posture and a balanced gait when exercising.
  • •  Treadmill exercise doesn’t rely on the weather’s cooperation and is available year-round.
  • •  Water provides buoyancy which reduces stress on muscles and joints compared to conditioning on hard surfaces.

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Prepare for winter training and conditioning now with aquatic therapy in an AquaPacer underwater treadmill system and give your equine athlete the boost needed during the off season, or speed up recovery to get back on track in time for spring, without the added expense and inconvenience of moving south. Most importantly, you can avoid unnecessary injuries or training delays due to weather conditions. Contact us today and start planning for improved outcomes in 2022.