1,025 Gallon Insulated Water Tank Cover


1,025 gallon insulated water storage tank cover most commonly used for Hudson’s AquaPacer underwater treadmill.


The insulated tank cover for Hudson’s water storage tank is a great addition to your system. The water temperature is normally kept higher (up to 105⁰F) than the air temperature. The tank cover helps insulate the tank to reduce heat loss or heat gain. The tank cover not only helps to keep the water in the tank at temperature, but also helps to keep the ambient room temperature lower. The water temperature can range from 34⁰-105⁰F which will change the room temperature quickly. The tank cover helps to insulate and save energy while making it more aesthetically appealing.

This tank cover is meant for any Hudson 1,025 gallon water storage tank. This tank cover has an easy installation with Velcro straps as an attachment. There is also a clear window for checking water level.

We sell tank covers in several different sizes so be sure this is the correct size you need before purchasing.

Some products may be custom manufactured and may take longer than others to be shipped.

1,025 gallon insulated water storage tank cover

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 144 × 50 × 59 in

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