Technician Bench – AquaPaws JR


Technician Bench allows the therapist to sit in the chamber with the patient.

Available for Hudson AquaPaws JR Underwater Treadmill.


Hudson’s technician bench for the AquaPaws JR allows the therapist to sit during the therapy session, if necessary. It can be used as a step for dogs in the underwater treadmill who need to work more on one set of legs than the other.

The therapy bench is ideal for a variety of different activities such as sitting and balance therapy, core strengthening and enabling the patient to do various aquatic exercises, or stretching in the chamber.

Some products may be custom manufactured and may take longer than others to be shipped.

Hudson Product #0790208

The technician bench is a light weight and small design with a sturdy frame. This allows the bench to easily be moved as well as wiped down and sanitized. The bench is not adjustable, but can be flipped upside down for a different height setting.

  • 0790202 designed for the AquaPaws Basic, the AquaPaws Plus and the 68” AquaPaws (older models):  overall width = 30 1/8”, inside (belt) clearance = 27”
  • 0790209 designed for the AquaPaws SS: overall width = 28.5”, inside (belt) clearance = 25.5”
  • 0790208 designed for the AquaPaws JR: overall width = 20 5/8”, inside (belt) clearance = 17.5”

Apprx. 20 lbs

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 21 in

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