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Portable Cold Salt Water Mini Spa


Rehabilitation and conditioning

Hudson Aquatic Systems has added the CET Mini-Spa by CryoSpas for equine athletes to its line of products available for all equine disciplines. Cold salt water therapy products support faster recovery, help reduce fatigue, improve performance and minimize the risk of injuries. The portable equine Mini-Spa comes with two boots at different heights (20” and 24”) to accommodate the size of the horse for convenient treatment after workouts, events or races. The system replicates as closely as possible to the widely acclaimed therapeutic effect of the full size CET Equine Saps and includes one or two legs together with a portable therapy unit complete with a chiller, on wheels for portability, with an fully insulated reservoir, pumps, chiller, and connecting flexible tubing. The Mini operates on standard 115 volt / 60 hz electricity for ease of operation.

Achieve the advantages of cold saltwater therapy and treatment with portable convenience.

Contact Us for more information about how the CryoSpa Equine Mini-Spa can be incorporated to reduce injury and improve performance, recovery, and rehab for your facility.


  • Portable unit offers ease of operations and allows immediate treatment after workouts, events or races.
  • Uses the benefits of cold salt water therapy by transferring the “colder than ice” feel to the affected areas better than ice, to give a faster recovery from soft tissue injuries and shorter recovery time, post exercise.
  • For muscle and joint soreness or strain to avoid and treat injuries.
  • Short treatment sessions due to intense cold and maintains consistent temperature control.
  • High salt concentration aids infection control and provides sanitary environment – does not require constant cleaning
  • Relies on four main factors to achieve the greatest therapeutic effect; turbulence, temperature, pressure and salinity
  • Conditions treaded: tendinitis, ligament damage, wounds and cuts, sore shins, wind galls, bag spavins, laminitis, poor hoof growth, joint conditions, general stiffness and soreness.


  • The system includes a chiller, on wheels, an insulated reservoir (40 gallons), pump, filter and connecting flexible tubing.
  • Two boots: treatment vessels measure 20” and 24” in height approximately 15” in diameter, constructed of high-density rubber, to accommodate different horse sizes and needs.
  • Chiller details: 47” X 28” X 34”, dry weight = 265 lbs., constructed from marine grade stainless steel, UL approved electronics, custom colors available.
  • The Mini operates on standard 115 volt / 60 hz electricity for ease of operation.
  • The cold saltwater solution continuously runs through the chiller, to the boots, and back to the chiller to maintain 38 degrees.
  • Investment and operation cost ¼ of full size equine spa.
  • One year warranty on chiller, four year warranty on boots.