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On-Site Training & Consulting

Setting You Up For Success

You’ve made equine fitness and healthcare a priority, now we want to help increase your success by offering training and hands–on experience to achieve the outcomes you expect…and more.

Hudson Aquatic Systems is partnering with Unbridled Equine to offer a unique, customized educational, training and consulting experience for those who are interested in purchasing an AquaPacer, and those who already have an AquaPacer installed and want to learn how to utilize the treadmill safely and effectively in their barn or equine facility.

Utilizing the services of Unbridled Equine can start before you receive your AquaPacer and continue beyond your on-site training. You have the option to meet virtually with the Unbridled team to prepare legal forms and record keeping, discuss business goals, and to answer any start-up questions you may have. Unbridled Equine’s hands-on training program includes step-by-step protocols to guide horses and handlers on the best practices for utilizing the AquaPacer at your location. Following your on-site training, Unbridled Equine remains available for follow-up questions and additional training to support the success and safety of your AquaPacer.

Hudson is dedicated to not only providing the best underwater treadmill on the market, but also providing tools and resources to ensure your success. The experience and knowledge of horses and equine rehabilitation that comes with Unbridled Equine makes this partnership valuable to all Hudson customers past, present and future.

Get The Most Out Of Your Hudson AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill

Training Details

Get Help With Business Startup and “Behind The Scenes” Responsibilities

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Unbridled Equine Trainers


Katie Hawkins

Katie Hawkins is the founder and owner of Unbridled Equine. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences from University of Illinois and a Masters of Arts in Education from Dominican University. In addition to being a lifelong equestrian and currently competing in the jumper ring, Katie is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and FEI Permitted, which allows her to work on equine athletes at the top of their sport. She is also a certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist and certified in RockTape Kinesiology taping, Acupressure, and Equine Trigger Point therapy.

Kayla Talkington

For the last two years, Kayla Talkington has run the day-to-day operations as Rehab Manager of Unbridled Equine. She is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and MagnaWave PEMF practitioner. She has been integral in the creation and implementation of each horse’s rehab plan and aided in the creation of the water treadmill protocols. She has over 20 years of horse experience and has ridden in five different disciplines. Kayla is drawn to equine health and wellness because she loves caring for and bringing healing to horses that give their entire heart to the people in their lives.

FAQs About The Program

Programs are customized to your facility’s budget and needs. You can opt-in for exactly what you want.

Educating your team to better utilize the treadmill will increase horse and staff safety, improve confidence in your abilities and produce better outcomes.

No. Unbridled Equine offers training and education based on your specific needs. Offerings include: setup protocols on an existing unit, guidance on rehab plans for horses or on-site staff training.

Yes! Unbridled Equine can assist with the “behind the scenes” work involved with adding a new AquaPacer to your facility’s services, setting up/developing a new rehab facility, or assistance with efficiency and productivity in an existing rehab business.

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