Understanding pH and How it Affects Chlorine Sanitization

An effective pH range (7.2 to 7.6 ppm) is needed to achieve a maximum of 85% chlorine activation. This means you start with a 15% deficiency in the amount of chlorine you add to water regardless. When pH is out of range the chlorine activation can be drastically reduced down to 15% effective sanitation. This can cause unsanitary conditions leading to cross contamination. Water will appear murky or dull and your underwater treadmill will become more difficult to wipe down and keep clean.

Alkalinity is the buffer for all chemical ranges. This means if Alkalinity is in the 80 to 120 ppm range then pH is more likely to stay in its balanced range. So, “A” for Alkalinity and adjust it first. Then, adjust pH into range if needed.

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