What is Cyanuric Acid?

Cyanuric Acid….also known as stabilizer or conditioner is commonly known as “sun screen for chlorine.” Even though Hudson systems are used indoors, I have found through support and feedback with our customers that this is a valuable level to observe in determining when a complete drain and refill is needed. The only way cyanuric acid develops to a high level is from the additive in granular chlorine, a small amount from slowly dissolved tablets used by high volume customers or the recommendation of a local store to add conditioner or stabilizer, not knowing the system is indoors or used by animals (which requires a complete drain and refill more often).

In short, if the CYA level is high, most likely the water has expired, and a full drain and fresh refill is required in order to maintain balance and sanitizer (chlorine) levels. Maintaining proper acidic levels will save you time and ensure a fresh and clean experience for your patients.