What’s in Your Water

As I interact with clients all over the US, I am seeing aquatic therapy reaching out further into rural areas. This is creating more well water situations and higher amounts of minerals or metal counts that are far above city municipality water. Also, our water quality programs have improved clarity for our clients’ water which make minerals more visible than ever. Minerals appear as green tint (copper), brown tint (iron), purple tint (manganese) and slightly dull white water (high calcium content).

We have a couple complications in treating high mineral or metal counts. First, there is no simple test we can send to you to determine mineral levels. This test must be done by a lab at a professional local pool store. Second, many customers discard and then refresh the water in one to two weeks so minerals and metals must be removed quickly to make a difference in the water quality.

The expectations of a higher water quality/clarity mixed with more rural projects has created a need for minerals and metals to be controlled chemically to produce the “new” standard expected. I recommend a stain and scale control product at double the normal dose (quicker reaction) of 4 ounces, which will remove minerals within 24 hours. We have the product stocked and available.

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