24) Pool-Pet Long Hair-Equinedog comb

Pet Aqua Comb (for all pets)

Pet Aqua Comb (for all pets)

Available for: Works Great With Any Hudson AquaPaws System


Aqua Comb offers two different types of pet combs – regular and long-haired pets. The Pet Aqua Comb for all pets is designed to wash pets from the skin and hair roots outwards. 

The comb fingers open tunnels in the fur to allow the intense water spray to shoot directly onto the skin surface. This flushes out any dirt, dead skin, loose hair, etc. 

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Hudson Product #0789635

The Pet Aqua Comb (for all pets) combines a flat 3″ wide spray that acts like a wall with a long fingered pic-comb that can easily get in between the dog’s hair for the best possible wash.

Recommended for wash at least once a week. 

It is very easy to use – just hook up to your hose!