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Treating Patients with Pain Series: Arthritis

Exercise CAN be part of an arthritis treatment plan without causing increased pain.

PAIN induced by injury, inflammation, disease, etc. can be difficult to treat. Exploring natural options to rehab and recovery have proven successful and increasingly popular. The third part of our series focuses on Arthritis and addresses how non-traditional methods like aquatic therapy can offer positive results and success in rehabilitation and recovery outcomes for patients dealing with pain.

Aquatic Therapy Recommended for Arthritis Patients

Arthritis pain doesn’t have to eliminate an individual’s ability to exercise. Medical evidence supports the benefits of exercise for those suffering from arthritis pain. In a “Hydrotherapy for Arthritis Pain” article, Soo Yeon Kim, MD from Johns Hopkins explains the following: “Underwater patients feel better. They have less pain and engage muscles more. They can activate muscles that they don’t typically use when doing land therapy.”

Hydrotherapy for Arthritis Pain: What Is It and How Does It Help?

Exercise provides benefits to those suffering from arthritis pain by improving joint function, reducing symptoms like fatigue, and reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, that are associated with inflammatory arthritis. Participation in land exercise programs can cause increased pain, secondary to stresses placed on already sore and inflamed joints. By utilizing the properties of water, it is possible for arthritic patients to reap the benefits of exercise without the painful side effects.

  • •  Warm water temperature soothes pain
  • •  Natural resistance of water increases muscular strength and heart health
  • •  Patients can experience an uplift in mood as a result of being pain free
  • •  Certain inflammatory markers decrease with aquatic therapy
  • •  Buoyancy of water reduces stresses placed on joints during exercise

Also, in the study conducted in 2013, results stated that RA patients who participated in a hydrotherapy treatment plan felt less joint pain and tenderness, showed improvement in mood, and reported that they enjoyed working out in the water. Hudson Aquatic Systems designs and manufactures several hydrotherapy products that can benefit those suffering from arthritis pain. With more than 350 million people diagnosed with arthritis worldwide, a pain free treatment option is essential.

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